Happy Christmas from the DerHartunian Family!

by meleeneh on December 24, 2015

We wish each and every one of our family members, friends, and blog followers a joyous and healthy Christmas celebration and an upcoming 2016!

Miro’s 2015 visit to Santa didn’t go as smoothly as the one from 2014, but we managed to get one good photo after several attempts. Hopefully, we will have more luck it in 2016. 😉

Family highlights from 2015:

  • Miro joins the Hummingbirds classroom at Genentech’s 2nd Generation Center.
  • Argam’s brother gets married in Los Angeles, and Miro wears a tuxedo for the first time!
  • Meleeneh performs at Yerevan’s Dance Ensemble’s 10th Anniversary show with her number one fan, Miro, in the audience.
  • As a family, we travel to Kauai and spend 10 days in Poipu Beach and Princeville. Miro falls in love with the ocean and the pool, and we fall in love with Kauai (and also run into Justin Beiber at our hotel along the way)!
  • Miro celebrates his first birthday and ahtamahateek in Los Angeles along with close family and friends!
  • Meleeneh is a panelist at the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) event, “Women in Leadership and Technology” and at the Professional Business Women of California (PBWC) Young Women’s Summit.
  • Argam gets a new job as VP of Product at PicsArt, which is also named one of the top five startups for 2015 by Forbes Magazine and is based in Yerevan, Armenia with an office in San Francisco. As a result, Argam also gets to travel to Armenia.
  • Argam and Meleeneh celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary! <3
  • We spend the Thanksgiving holiday in San Diego visiting Mikey and Christine. Family bonding is priceless!
  • Cotellic, the drug that Meleeneh leads at Genentech-Roche,  is approved in Switzerland, EU, and the US for patients with metastatic melanoma (skin cancer).
  • Miro continues to develop in language and motor skills, including crawling (while we are in Hawaii), walking, utilizing sign language to communicate, and saying words, such as papa, mama, pumpkin, cracker, luys (light), goolba (sock), badeeg (duck), top (ball), Taline, Thomas, dzoo (egg), and dseedsee (horse).

We are looking forward to making even greater memories in 2016! Best wishes and blessings to everyone. 🙂












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