Mihran turns 2!

by meleeneh on August 14, 2016

Our little Mihran is now 2, and not so little anymore! (He’s over half of mama’s height!) We celebrated this year with a simple ice cream/frozen yogurt party with some of his friends. Mihran had a blast celebrating his special day, while eating his favorite dessert!

Mihran is a fun-loving, inquisitive, and growing boy, who loves to talk, read, eat, sing, run, dance, and play with his friends and family. He even stopped sucking his thumb on his own will and started potty training. Between the ages of 1 and 2, Mihran traveled to Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, France, Armenia, and Georgia. We can’t wait to see where our family adventures will take us next!


Mihran meets the snow!

by meleeneh on April 25, 2016

In February, our family, along with the Moroyan, Shirikian, Saghatelian, Arutyunov, and Manoukian families, headed to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend getaway. We were a total of 12 adults and 9 kiddos, and our cabin nicely housed us all along with all of our gear! Our families had a blast playing in the snow, cooking together, bonding, dancing, playing games (for adults only too), and coordinating all of our children’s various eating, napping, and sleeping schedules. We all took care of one another, including one another’s children. It was a true family effort!

This was Mihran’s first time in the snow. He loved watching his friends playing in the snow, so he joined along in some sledding and building a snow man. His favorite part of Lake Tahoe was walking to the lake and dipping his hands in the fresh water. We think he’ll enjoy it even more next year!

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Happy Christmas from the DerHartunian Family!

by meleeneh on December 24, 2015

We wish each and every one of our family members, friends, and blog followers a joyous and healthy Christmas celebration and an upcoming 2016!

Miro’s 2015 visit to Santa didn’t go as smoothly as the one from 2014, but we managed to get one good photo after several attempts. Hopefully, we will have more luck it in 2016. πŸ˜‰

Family highlights from 2015:

  • Miro joins the Hummingbirds classroom at Genentech’s 2nd Generation Center.
  • Argam’s brother gets married in Los Angeles, and Miro wears a tuxedo for the first time!
  • Meleeneh performs at Yerevan’s Dance Ensemble’s 10th Anniversary show with her number one fan, Miro, in the audience.
  • As a family, we travel to Kauai and spend 10 days in Poipu Beach and Princeville. Miro falls in love with the ocean and the pool, and we fall in love with Kauai (and also run into Justin Beiber at our hotel along the way)!
  • Miro celebrates his first birthday and ahtamahateek in Los Angeles along with close family and friends!
  • Meleeneh is a panelist at the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) event, “Women in Leadership and Technology” and at the Professional Business Women of California (PBWC) Young Women’s Summit.
  • Argam gets a new job as VP of Product at PicsArt, which is also named one of the top five startups for 2015 by Forbes Magazine and is based in Yerevan, Armenia with an office in San Francisco. As a result, Argam also gets to travel to Armenia.
  • Argam and Meleeneh celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary! <3
  • We spend the Thanksgiving holiday in San Diego visiting Mikey and Christine. Family bonding is priceless!
  • Cotellic, the drug that Meleeneh leads at Genentech-Roche,Β  is approved in Switzerland, EU, and the US for patients with metastatic melanoma (skin cancer).
  • Miro continues to develop in language and motor skills, including crawling (while we are in Hawaii), walking, utilizing sign language to communicate, and saying words, such as papa, mama, pumpkin, cracker, luys (light), goolba (sock), badeeg (duck), top (ball), Taline, Thomas, dzoo (egg), and dseedsee (horse).

We are looking forward to making even greater memories in 2016! Best wishes and blessings to everyone. πŸ™‚













Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Patch!

by meleeneh on November 15, 2015

If you dare drive over the hill to Half Moon Day on a weekend during the month of October, traffic is horrendous; the entire city and all its farms host fantastic pumpkin patches full of activities for the entire family and an amazing selection of pumpkins. That’s why we decided to take an afternoon off of work to go during the weekday. We invited my parents along as well, and our first stop was Lemos Farm.

Lemos Farm has endless activities for the little ones, including a pony ride, hay ride, train ride, and petting zoo. We did all of them! I was convinced that Miro would have been terrified of the ponies at first glance, but he was thrilled to be on the pony ride. He kept talking to the pony trainer and pointing at all of the other ponies. That sight, alone, made my day! The petting zoo was hilarious as the goats tried to eat Miro’s shirt and corduroy pants. I was a very protective mama bear protecting my little cub from the animals, but my little cub was laughing up a storm instead. Finally, the train conductor allowed Miro to sit in the conductor’s seat and blow the train horn. He was a natural driver!

After Lemos Farm, we headed to the beach for some views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We also pet wild horses nearby. On our way home, we stopped at one more farm where we purchased our Halloween pumpkins as well as some cooking pumpkins, which I later used to make a pumpkin soup. Yummy! Miro helped to push all of the pumpkins to the car in the wheel barrow.

Now, one of Miro’s only English words is pumpkin, which he pronounces “pump-uh-kin.” πŸ™‚


Party time for Mihran’s 1st birthday!

by meleeneh on September 4, 2015

We celebrated Mihran’s first birthday at Memorial Park in Sierra Madre in early August. The park was the perfect venue for this memorable celebration as it had a covered (and reservable) picnic area and playground nearby. Mihran’s family members and friends gathered for the festivities, and several traveled from around California to attend the event, including San Francisco and San Diego.

The theme was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” Mihran’s favorite book. In line with the theme were the vibrant and colorful decorations, cake (by Sweet Escape Cakes), and candy table (table garland handcrafted by my dear friend Nanor)Β with different flavors representative of the food the caterpillar eats in the book. Simple Little Details helped out as well by providing us with some supplies to go along with the theme. Mihran’s grandmother Evelyn made all of the flower arrangements, and she, along with Mihran’s Mikey Keri, Auntie Christine,Β and grandfather Rubik, designed and hung up the Very Hungry Caterpillar backdrop made with paper lanterns. The food for the event– mainly salads, sandwiches, and small bites– was catered by 17 Catering and Events, and the display, setup, and flavors were very much enjoyed by everyone.

We also combined his birthday party with his Ahtamahatik celebration, an Armenian tradition to celebrate when the baby gets his/her first teeth. Different objects representative of different occupations are placed in front of the baby, and whichever object the baby picks first represent his/her future occupation. The objects for Mihran’s party were carefully picked out by his cousin Nyra. Out of everything, Mihran picked up a small blue and green globe. We decided it represented a world traveler, environmentalist, or astronaut. Sounds good to us!

After we all sang Happy Birthday, Mihran enjoyed his first piece of cake. He tried a bit from the Pistachio Rose Water tier and loved it! (The other tier was Raspberry Lemonade, which was just as delicious.) We continued with an after party at Argam’s parents’ home where we ate some more and opened presents. It was a wonderful day of celebration and great memories!

I cannot thank everyone enough for their help with this special day, from planning, setup, and cleanup- it takes a village to throw a first birthday party! πŸ˜‰

Here is a link to the photos from his special day. Thank you Artineh and Papy for your talented shots!

Pictures from Mihran’s first birthday photoshoot are included here as well. Enjoy!

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Mihran and his 1st birthday!

by meleeneh on August 16, 2015

August 8 marked Mihran’s 1st birthday! We thank God for blessing us with Mihran and his laugher, curiosity, and love. He teaches us to be better individuals and to appreciate life’s greatest treasures, big and small. Happy Birthday, little one!

We will share the pictures from his birthday in a future post. πŸ™‚


Mihran and his eleven month birthday!

by meleeneh on July 12, 2015

On July 8, 2015, Mihran celebrated being 11 months old. Next month he will be 1!


Mihran and his ten month birthday!

by meleeneh on June 14, 2015

Mihran enjoyed celebrating his 10-month birthday in Kauai, Hawaii!

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Mihran and his nine month birthday!

by meleeneh on May 11, 2015

May 8, 2015 marked Mihran’s nine month birthday!


Mihran and his eight month birthday!

by meleeneh on April 13, 2015

Mihran celebrated his 8-month birthday on April 8, 2015!


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