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Food Tasting at Taglyan= YUMMO!

by meleeneh on September 13, 2010

Though Argam and I had attended two weddings at our venue in the past, we were still insistent on having a food tasting at Taglyan Cultural Complex. The food at Taglyan is exclusively catered by Divine Food & Catering, and from our experience, it is quite delicious!

One week prior to our tasting, we and Argam’s parents met with Aram, the manager at Taglyan, and some of the chefs to come up with a menu to please all tastes– vegetarians, pescaterians (like ourselves), and non-vegetarians. We also wanted to include dishes that were close to our hearts and that well represented our culture, all the while trying to pick items that were original, yet delicious. We chose dishes for the tray pass, appetizer course, salad course, main entrees, side dishes, and desserts.

While my parents were in town for my thesis defense, we returned to Taglyan one week later for the food tasting. Aram provided us with a print out of our chosen menu, and we met with the head chef to discuss our choices/likes/dislikes as we tasted our menu items. We also invited our day-of coordinator, Artin, to join in on the fun. We tasted various items with different sauces in order to come up with a menu that we were all happy with for a family-style setting. The staff at Taglyan was very accommodating, and the food was very tasty!

Some highlights to look forward to: wine from Robert Renzoni (our favorite vineyard in Temecula where we are wine club members), tuna poke, stuffed mushrooms and peppers, chicken florentine, filet of beef, wild salmon, grilled vegetables, ghorme sabzi, and a tea station.

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Minimize waste!

by meleeneh on December 11, 2009

When possible, minimize waste.

One bartending company we dealt with provided plastic cups for drink service. We insisted on glassware.

Thanks to Taglyan Cultural Center, everything is already on site, so there is no need to transport any materials. All glassware will be cleaned on premises, and all bottles generated from the event will be recycled as well.

Build a wedding website. It minimizes the use of excess paper when sending invitations.


Venues (take two)!

by meleeneh on December 5, 2009

This week has completely been a whirlwind of wedding event changes– I will let Argam explain the situation later.

We would like to send much love to Christine Zilifian who has opened our eyes and shared with us priceless information to help us in our planning process. We have never met in person, but we are truly grateful, and we wish you a successful and memorable wedding day!

On Friday, we went to St. Gregory’s in Pasadena. We found our ceremony location- loved the pastor (a former San Francisco native) and the church! We also met with Roubina of Robert’s Catering later that evening. Though it was supposed to be a meeting about the food for our wedding, 90% of the consultation turned into an advice session. Roubina had 30 years worth of business experience wisdom to share with us, and she truly made us rethink some things– budget, venue, food, church location, etc. The food did sound yummy though!

We went over Argam’s uncle Daniel’s house afterwards, and he and his wife Shooshik were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. What a special night to visit!

Saturday morning, it was back to venue shopping. At first, we were very discouraged about holding the wedding reception in an Armenian hall and felt that if we did, we would be settling, the last thing we wanted to do.

First stop, Taglyan Cultural Center in Hollywood. THE FARTHEST THING FROM SETTLING!!! We instantly pictured our wedding reception at the new venue. Next stop, Palladia in Glendale. It was nice, just not us! Argam’s mom had suggested we check out the new hall/church in Burbank. The church is still under construction and will be opened in June 2010. It looks amazing. The hall, on the other hand, not so much (Argam’s mom agreed)!

One of Roubina’s wise word of wisdom was that having the church and venue close to one another is key! St. John’s is attached to Taglyan. We plan to meet with the priest this week.



Moral of the story: American halls need to learn from Armenian halls when it comes to planning and executing a special event! Saves not only money, but headache and S word!